Sunday Fun-day 

Two weeks ago Lauren (Hugo’s wife, who also used to live in Florida), took me with her friends to do what is known here as ‘Sunday Brunch’ in downtown Orlando. To us Brits, brunch is a meal between breakfast and lunch. To the Americans however, brunch is considered a late lunch where you pay a set amount for bottomless drinks and just spend the afternoon getting absolutely smashed. In true initiation style, that’s exactly what I did! After many a mimosa and some great food, we left the brunch and headed straight to a strip of bars where Lauren bought me my first shot of apple cider moonshine. It certainly wasn’t quite as like what you’d imagine after watching the Dukes of Hazard, quite yummy actually.

Hilarious quote of the day.

I ended up having such a laugh with the girls, it was so sweet that they embraced me as part of the group and spent the afternoon trying to feed me all manner of American snacks and drinks I had never even heard of. My favourite part of the day was at the end of the evening when we headed to a local takeout shop called Gringos Locos. If you’re ever in Downtown Orlando and fancy some Mexican, then I would seriously recommend this place- it was the perfect way to soak up the sins from a whole day of drinking. I ordered the DD tacos.. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or what, but they were the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. The picture really doesn’t do them any justice!

Gringos Locos DD tacos… Excuse the bad photography!

Even though we were in Downtown Orlando it was really interesting to see bungalow style houses amongst the urban city.

On a personal note that day was particularly good fun for me because it’s very easy to get lost in this golf bubble and don’t get me wrong, I’m so fortunate to be able to travel and support Tyrrell, but I don’t get time to just hang out with my girlfriends whilst I’m away. My time is usually spent following Tyrrell around, making sure he is in the best position to contend every single week which can sometimes be very isolating. Letting my hair down for a night and spending some much needed bonding time with girls was a god send. It was also great to really sinking my teeth into some proper American culture which always helps to make Florida feel that little bit homelier.

Unsurprisingly, a few days later we ended up at another crazy golf course called Fantasia Gardens. Also known as the Disney mini putt, complete with two courses; one being completely Disneyfied with characters and props, the other being a real life mini golf course with astroturf undulating greens, bunkers and hazards. Of course the pro golfers in the team took on the challenge that most resembled a true golf course and it was tough but we had plenty of giggles on the way round! The more you play it the more you know the lines for where to hit, but for me it was definitely a ‘hit and hope’ type of situation. If you like to take your golf seriously I would definitely recommend this course for a visit, Tyrrell said it was the best mini golf course he’s ever played so that must mean something to the golfing community out there!

Group outing to Fantasia Gardens.

All fun and games aside, the rest of the week was back to work for T because he was playing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational. With it being the first tournament since Mr. Palmers passing it was a real honour for Tyrrell to be able to play and it was really cool for me to see so many people come together to respect all that Arnold Palmer did for golf in the form of ‘Arnies Army’. We had so many people walking the course supporting T that the week ended up passing by so fast. Before I knew it, it was Sunday. Another week with Tyrrell in contention, but also unfortunately another week where the putter was cold on Sunday. The wind had picked up so conditions were tough, but he hung in there and finished with a very respectable T4. Earning his special temporary membership status in the process. Before he was restricted to only 12 event starts for the season, it means that next year T will also have a full PGA status tour card which is very exciting!

Tyrrell signing flags sat in Arnold Palmers original office.

Golf course ‘gator.

I’m not quite sure what I had expected when we started this adventure, but I certainly hadn’t mentally prepared myself for Tyrrell to gain a tour card through only 3 events! It’s crazy. It brings all sorts of questions into the mix that I also hadn’t prepared myself for- Will we move to the US? Where would we live? How would visas work? What does that mean for our families? etc. etc. I’ve learnt over the years with T to just expect the unexpected so I suppose we will just have to ride the wave and see where it takes us. If that means it takes us across the pond, then so be it! It certainly would make for an interesting new chapter…

This cute little mascot brought us plenty of luck that week!

My next post will be about our trip to Austin, Texas. I took a day to explore just a tiny segment of the city and it was amazing, my favourite place yet, so keep your eyes peeled for another post soon.  If you’re not already, subscribe to my blog using the right hand column for regular updates on what I get up to around the world. 




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