Orlando Bound 

It only seems fitting that I start to write this post as we take our seats on the Virgin Atlantic ‘Tinker Belle’ Boeing 747 flight bound for Orlando, contemplating what might possibly be in store for us over the next three months Stateside.

The last 9 days at home have been a repetitive blur of washing and drying clothes, cleaning manically, spending time with friends and family and worst of all, packing. All this to prepare for the longest trip we’ve ever been away from home for. Like everything else we do, of course Tyrrell and I only started packing at half past nine last night (which would leave most normal people flapping to the high heavens) but this becomes customary when you do it week in, week out. Sometimes it feels like we leave packing to the very last minute so that we can ignore the reality that we are actually leaving home. As if,  by not packing then we never have to venture out of our own bubble.. but alas, common sense sets in, the mortgage won’t pay itself!

America will be a real adventure for us though.  The whole experience is on a pedastool for all golfing professionals, they all dream of making a name for themselves on the biggest tour, the PGA. To make our time abroad feel less alien we have a house rented in Florida as a ‘home away from home’ but most of our time will be spent on the road trying to earn the prestigious PGA tour card. It’s funny actually (slightly off topic), but the man checking us in at the airport was actually asking T about his career and what tournaments he will play whilst in America etc, he turns to me and asks me if I play, I reply with ‘No, I walk around and support Tyrrell’. I wish I could have captured his response- his face dropped to a smug half smile and said ‘oh, so you’re just a WAG then?’ And just like that my existence is summed up as meaningless by one word. My talents extend to being there on Tyrrells arm and nothing else; I couldn’t possibly be capable of having a brain of my own when I’m just a WAG.  It’s disappointing because yes I like to travel with Tyrrell and support him, but that does not in any way showcase who I am as a person or in fact what talent I may have as an individual. I do admit, yes, I’m far less impressive at first glance than Tyrrell is but I am one of many in T’s team who work very hard in the background to keep this whole charade working seamlessly. Nobody thinks about it like that though. To me, It’s similar to the guys who competed in the golf at the Olympics. How brilliant it was that Justin Rose won a gold medal, but his caddy was just his caddy and therefore doesn’t qualify for the same honour- No matter how much work he did for the good of the team. I have to accept that this perception will always be a frustrating fragment of my normality.

Goodbye miserable England!

Either way, the flight has just taken off and we are in for a long one; 9 hours and 14 minutes to be exact. A perk of this is that we are on a day flight which means I can watch as many films and pig out on as much food as I’d like without feeling naughty knowing that I should be sleeping! My favourite. It also gives me plenty of time to mentally prepare for the coming months. When we land we spend a week finding our feet at the house in Florida and then we travel to our first event of the season, the Honda Classic. We’ve always had such fond memories of previous trips to the States so I have very high expectations for this one. Fingers crossed it brings us all that we hope it does! I’ll certainly be posting plenty on here about how we get on and in particular what it’s really like to be a wife on tour, or should I say what it’s really like to be just a WAG? Not that it offended me or anything!

Curvature of the Earth just after we set off.

9 hours later.. HELLO ORLANDO!!!




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