Montezuma’s Revenge

It’s been a challenging week, both physically and mentally here in Mexico for the WGC tournament. Although beautiful and inviting, it’s been a cruel temptress. Everything about the culture and architecture makes me want to go out and explore, but the 2000 police officers, 200 undercover officers and various rooftop snipers protecting us tell me that’s probably a bad idea. Instead, I’ve stared out of our hotel room window like a cooped up chicken wondering if my tummy is rumbling because I’m hungry or because I’m about to get an uninvited bout of diarrhoea.

I say that because it seems a gamble any time you consume food or water here. Poor Tyrrell has had a funny tummy twice this week (known as Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico). The second time we had both eaten the exact same food, leaving me in a state of impending panic/ doom as to whether we will both be fighting over the toilet for the next 8 hours! Fortunately, my stomach seems to be far less sensitive. Unfortunately, we are in a small room with a bathroom that doesn’t have a proper door. #travelproblems

Other than the golf there isn’t much to report on this week, it’s been the standard mantra; airport, hotel, golf course, hotel and then back to the airport. An unfortunate all too common reality for golf professionals and the honest truth to those outsiders who believe that it’s a glamorous job! I can however talk more about golf course; the altitude in Mexico City has certainly made it a challenge for us all. By the time I’ve marched uphill from tee to green I sound like I’ve got the lungs of a chain smoker, let alone the poor caddies carrying 20+kg tour bags! I really did like the course though. Stamina problems aside, it reminded me very much of being home because it was tree lined, it very much had the feel of a European course. Not at all the sandy desert landscape I had imagined in my head.

The daily journey to the golf club did became quite the adventure. We were escorted by four police officers on motorbikes every day (two in front and two in the back) who would routinely weave between traffic to carve a safe route directly to our destination. The same goes for now as we are being escorted to the airport for the charter flight back to Florida. This journey has officers escorting us as per usual, but this time they’re stopping and taking photos of the coaches at every important junction. It’s not quite so settling when you realise they do it to make sure you all get from A to B in one piece and what could happen if perhaps they didn’t take those precautions. Negative thoughts aside, I can’t fault their work this week. To put together a team that large and execute an 100% safety record is quite something. I’m sure it is totally unnecessary because thousands of tourists must come to Mexico every day and leave unharmed, but there must be a darker side to the city which no doubt we are extremely fortunate to be sheltered from.

All things considered it’s been another brilliant week and another top 10 for T. Had the last day have gone his way the finishing position would have been vastly different, but like everything, that’s life and that is golf. We are currently facing a long night of travelling ahead to get back to Orlando, but we will have a whole week of rest to look forward to before the next tournament. (Another fun fact about the altitude from this week is that my toiletries have literally been exploding because we are 7800ft above sea level so now I have the perfect excuse to go and buy more makeup when we get back, this makes me a very happy bunny!!). We also have friends coming to visit and quite a few exciting things planned so don’t forget to subscribe in the right hand column to read more of what we get up to.

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