Behind The Scenes

What a great week the Honda Classic turned out to be! The first two tournament days Tyrrell played ok, comfortably making the cut but the weekend play is where the magic started to happen. By Saturday evening Tyrrell was in outright second place, four shots behind leader Rickie Fowler and two shots ahead of third place.

The size of the crowd for Tyrrell and Rickie teeing off the first hole on Sunday!

Being the first tournament on our three-month adventure, it was really special that T went out in the last group with local favourite, Rickie Fowler. Sunday brought tough conditions with a much stronger wind than the previous days- Tyrrell didn’t get off to the quick start he would have hoped for and missing birdie opportunities on the last two holes wasn’t ideal either as it meant he missed out by two shots on earning enough points for a temporary PGA membership. Overall we can’t complain though, it was another great week for Tyrrell finishing tied fourth, bringing his world ranking to another personal best of 17. Unbelievable.

The crowd on the day were fantastic, there were thousands of devoted fans wandering round in the familiar neon orange shouting ‘come on Rickieeeee’ and the occasional Game of thrones joke for ‘house Tie-rell’ which I found hilariously original!

The Fowler fan club.

I had to photograph how brilliant this was- its a lorry filled with beer kegs and taps on the outside!

I spent most of the day on my tiptoes trying to beat the crowd to the best vantage point on the next hole, this is my first experience of a crowd so large that I could barely see the tops of the players heads as they walked past.. I now understand why the families of high profile players don’t even bother to walk the course; The camera men definitely capture what’s happening much better than I could ever see myself. I do like to watch it outdoors though, there’s nothing quite like feeling the atmosphere and hearing the roars of a whole crowd cheering for your loved one whilst you hide anonymously amongst them.
No sooner that we had watched Rickie hole the winning putt we were rushed straight off the course into a car to take us to the closest airport where we were already 40 mins overdue checking in for the charter flight to Mexico. I can’t tell you the amount of times we’ve run for flights making check in by minutes and then had to change out of sweaty golf gear in airport toilet cubicles- Sunday was no exception. Whoever thinks this lifestyle is glamorous clearly hasn’t seen behind the scenes! Luckily, this time we packed something to change into beforehand and a trusty mini deodorant to freshen up; there have been times where we have literally flown home still wearing golf shoes complete with sunglasses still on my head!

On the topic of behind the scenes, it’s not all private jets and chef dining like you see in the photos. Our Sunday dinner won’t even compare to the roast that you all probably had… it was a Chili’s to go bacon burger from a stand in the airport which we both wolfed down before boarding the three-hour flight to Mexico City. Sundays are always the worst for having a regular healthy meal. Usually we check out of the hotel in the morning, bring our cases to the golf course and rush off to make the flight to the next tournament straight after play has finished. A normal dinner just doesn’t happen; its mostly scraps of airport lounge food or some sort of prepackaged sandwich, hardly an athletes diet.


Can we all appreciate how big this bit of beef is.. I’ve never seen anything like it?!

Tyrrell might as well have ordered the whole fish! Sushi Yama.

The food during the week did hit the spot, however. I can see myself putting on some serious poundage whilst we tour America; the dining options are far too tempting for a foodie like myself. If you’re ever in the Palm Beach Gardens area, I would seriously recommend Sushi Yama. We ordered our dinner at the bar itself, watching the chefs make their orders from memory with speed and precision which was pretty cool. We also ate at a sports bar called the Yard House a few times, if you’re into your craft beer, then this is the place for you. They serve pretty yummy standard all American food; a pre-tournament winner when all you want is a quick bite to eat and back to the hotel for an early night and early morning tee off.

Next week I will blog about our visit to Mexico for the WGC tournament, it will be my first time visiting so I’m really excited! Keep an eye out for a new post to see what we get up to, or subscribe to my blog (in the sidebar on the right) to have an email sent automatically to you when I do upload a new post. Thank you for reading!


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