Wife Not On Tour!

Wife Not On Tour!

So last week was a fail on the travel front. I’ve not been having much luck lately!

Last Tuesday Tyrrell and I went to the US embassy in London to get visas that allowed us to stay in the USA for longer than 90 days at a time. All went well, despite scary thoughts about intimidating interviews (I’ve only got myself to blame after watching hours of border patrol), an hour or so waiting in queues later and we were on our merry way to spend the rest of the day in London and with our visas all approved.

That was until Tyrrells passport arrived home within three days and mine did not. Ironically he has two passports so can travel on either, I on the other hand, only have one. Lucky me!

Since my passport didn’t come in time for our flights out to the USA on the Sunday, I stayed home for the week catching up with bits and bobs around the house.

To date, since last summer, this is the first time Tyrrell and I have actually spent time away from each other, so it was quite strange to be alone again. I had previously spent three years without him whilst at university, so the concept is not completely alien, but to do it again still sucks.

The first night in the house I didn’t sleep well at all, waking up after hearing the slightest noise. But, the next night was much better…after realising I should make the most of my freedom, I spent the entire night star fishing in the middle of the bed! Tyrrell who?

It does bring home how fortunate I am to be able to travel though. On the other hand, I could be working at home and potentially not seeing T for effectively 30 weeks of the year. I would be by myself for the majority of my time, and that is not a fun thought.


Even so, distance makes the heart grow fonder and all so I am very excited to be back out on tour next week for the last major of the year, the US PGA in Charlotte. I’ve heard nothing but great things about how lovely Charlotte is, so I definitely have plenty to look forward to.

For my time at home I have really thrown myself back into the gym. Before our American Adventure in January I was absolutely loving my routine- when we were home T would go to practice all day and I would head to the gym and swimming pool. Then America hit. With its quesadillas and fried chicken strips and worst of all, with its delicious muddy buddies. I WAS DOING SO GOOD!!! You know when you read people talk about falling off the wagon? Well I fell off the bloody cliff. My cheat first few weeks ended up being a cheat five months.

As embarrassing as that is to admit, it’s taken a week by myself to work up the motivation to jump back on.

I can’t explain how hard it is to have the will power to not eat crap whilst on out on tour. The player’s lounges are constantly full of all you can eat fresh food and home-made cakes. After six hours in the cold and rain, sometimes all I want to do is eat a brownie or scone to have a quick fix. Then you eat out at restaurants every night because you live in a hotel room. You can’t eat salad every night because you would not believe the amount of places that purely have Caesar salad as their only salad option. I love a Caesar salad, but there is only so much a girl can take! So, here we are. The dilemma every traveller faces- How does one stay healthy whilst away from home? A problem I am yet to solve.

Although this post has been short and sweet it’s still been nice to spill a few of my thoughts across the page about my quiet week at home. Keep your eyes peeled for another post about our trip to Charlotte soon.. it was the most enjoyable week so far for Tyrrell and I and we got up to some really awesome activities.

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