Leap of Faith

Since graduating university last summer I’ve felt a definite void within myself due to lack of mental stimulation. I went from working incredibly hard for a first class honors degree to becoming a fully-fledged house wife at the age of 22! Don’t get me wrong, life is great and I appreciate all of the opportunities I have, but I desperately need a project for myself before my identity disappears into the shadow of a golfer’s widow.

People have been encouraging me for years to start a blog but I never felt I had anything important to say; It wasn’t until this point a week ago that something clicked and I truly thought I could make a go of this. You see, I have a constant fear that no-one will care what I have to say and in all honesty that probably will be the case, but I have decided that even if nobody else benefits from this blog, it will help me fulfill my sense of purpose and document some great memories along the way- because let’s face it, it’s not every day you get travel around the globe with your best friend sharing in the most brilliantly random journey.

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