A Year of Change

A Year of Change

Firstly, I would like to apologise to the anonymous people of the internet for being M.I.A over the last few months. My intention with Wife on Tour was to give an in depth peek into what life is like living and travelling with a professional golfer and to be completely honest, it most often revolves around a very hectic schedule which makes it hard to regularly update this blog as much as I would like. However, seeing as we are coming up to the one-year anniversary since my graduation, I feel like now is a good time to pick things back up again.


Dissertation hand in

Handing in our final bits of work!

This time a year ago I remember walking down the hill to Nottingham Trent’s city campus, after months of sleepless nights and stress, to hand in the most important document I’ve ever compiled- my dissertation. I feel like I’ve blinked and a whole year has gone by and those things which were massive issues are now irrelevant. This is not a bad thing. I see photos of people having completed their degrees this academic year and I am so relieved that this chapter of my life has closed, ready for a new exciting one to have begun.

Over the past 12 months I have travelled to 13 different countries across the globe, lived in America for 3 months, moved home to a different town and adapted with all sorts of life altering transformations that pop up parallel with Tyrrells growing career.

Never had I imagined that this would have been our everyday life, but since graduating things seem to have naturally progressed into a very chaotic, nomadic existence and I have to say, I kind of love it.

Switzerland landscape Tyrrell and Emily

Coming back to real life with a bump!

As soon as we landed from 90 days in the USA, our feet had barely touched the floor before we had collected keys to a new home. Followed by collecting Tyrrells dream car the next day, a massive delivery of new furniture the following day and then removals from our previous house to new one the day after that- When I say chaotic, I truly mean it!

Tyrrell Hatton huracan yiannimize

Tyrrell’s new car!

Two days later marked the start of preparations for the one of the biggest tournaments on the European tour, the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. We always love this tournament because its close enough to home that we can travel to and from; a rarity for golf professionals. Whilst Tyrrell went to work, my job was to unpack box after box of ‘stuff’ that no one really needs. You know the bits that you put into random cupboards only to be seen when you move home the next time… Oh the joys!

Tyrrell seems to take to changes such as this like a duck to water, but tasks like these fill me with all sorts of unease. Every move is stressful, granted, but this move unearths all sorts of new challenges I feel like even a middle aged adult would struggle with. It’s all very overwhelming because we never seem to have time to slow down and just breathe.

Ironically, no matter how far you go in life, the problems are all still relative. Same stuff, different day certainly applies well!

I have to say the move was made far less stressful for us by a good friend, Nick Bianchi, who’s family run a well-known furniture store in Macclesfield called Arighi Bianchi. Their interior designer, Sarah, worked with us whilst we were away and made the whole transition totally seamless. After an initial visit followed up with mood-boards, we worked together to order furniture for almost every room in the house. The finished look is absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier!! From start to end I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome- thank you so much Nick and Sarah.

Arighi Bianchi furniture lorry

Terrible photo… I was so excited on the day I didn’t really document the process!

sleeping on the Arighi Bianchi rug

This is what 3 months of jet lag, moving home and golf tournament prep does to you!

As I mentioned previously, last week was our first tournament back on European soil and I can speak for the both of us when I say that it was such a welcoming feeling to be home home. Familiar places and familiar faces automatically reassure you even at the most stressful of times and that made the world of difference- It was certainly a warm escape from unpacking to see friends and family come together at the annual tournament. After battling a wrist injury with barely any practice for the last month, it was good to see T make the cut and even better, to finish in the middle of the field at tied 30th.

Wentworth golf club had famously made lots of alterations to the course over the last year and similarly the tournament layout had followed suit. 12 months ago I handed in my dissertation to be marked on a topic very close to my heart; Although I don’t play golf, I find the sport very interesting and pretty much at the forefront of my everyday life because of Tyrrell.

golf consumer profile emily braisher dissertation

Dissertation consumer profile.


I had researched and written about how golf is a sport in decline, but that by appealing to a younger audience with similar ideals to what they respond to (like music and technology), the sport could be revived and reborn in favour to what is growing to be the biggest generation demographic (along with their untapped future monetary value).

The European tour are making some brilliant strides that I have seen with my own eyes to have already made progress. By playing music on the range, live video content on the tees and engaging digital content over social media platforms, I had never seen so many young adults and children attending a golf tournament before, like there were on the week of Wentworth.

For the future of the golf community it brings forward a huge change and hopefully a superb evolution for the sport. I heard nothing but positive feedback from both Tyrrell and all our group who attended the event so I’m excited to see what else the tour have hiding up their sleeves!


I suppose to wrap things up, this focus of this particular blog post has been about change, and a year of change we have undoubtedly had. Things aren’t always daisies and the easy life you’d think, but it’s great to see over the last 12 months that T and I have progressed and grown together on a brilliantly wild journey. I really can’t wait to see what changes I will be writing about in another 12 months time!

Hopefully one of those positive changes will be that I will get better at posting regularly. To all of my friends and family who are probably rolling their eyes at the thought of that right now, I really will make it my mission! I’ve told T I don’t want to move again for a very long time so fingers crossed that’s the most hectic this year is going to get… you and I both know though; a girl can only dream!!

Although of late I have felt like I’ve barely been keeping my head above water, the dust is finally starting to settle. Only briefly though. Today we took out the suitcases I had packed neatly away, ready so we could jet off to the next big adventure- The US Open in Wisconsin. The only major Tyrrell has never played.

I think I will still post some of the blogs that were planned whilst we were in America last time because it will be nice to look back upon such a fond part of early 2017 for us. So, keep an eye out for some random posts over the next few weeks and if you’re not already, subscribe in the right hand column to be the first to be updated of any uploads!








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