Problems of a Traveller: Disaster at Erin Hills

Problems of a Traveller: Disaster at Erin Hills

I would say so far I’ve been very lucky to have travelled as much as we have over the last 12 months to have gone relatively unscathed with airlines. Turns out my luck had run out on our recent trip to Chicago because the dreaded happened…BA lost my bag! Which is ironic really, because it was just that week that I was chatting to Louise about how her travel party had each had something happen to their bags at least once in the last 6 months and that I had been fortunate enough to have escaped that fate. In a cruel form of mockery, the airline gods clearly heard that conversation and decided to pick me as their next victim.

We waited at the belt for well over an hour when we landed from Chicago, watching the same cases go round and round with the growing fear that my bag wasn’t going to appear. And it didn’t.

Five days after we arrived back at home, a few phone calls and a freak 30-degree heatwave with no summer clothes later, I was relieved to finally set my sights on my trusty blue case. Only something wasn’t quite right- I should have guessed really. The bright orange padlock (the third I have had to buy this year) was missing, instantly telling my gut that my luck is about to take another turn for the worst.

As I open up the base I can instantly see that some thieving scrote decided to help themselves to my possessions and in the process leave my makeup open and uncovered for it to spread all over my lovely. white. clothes.  *sigh *

What is wrong with people?

What baffles me further is that airline travelers seem to have absolutely no rights. Search my bag to make sure I am not carrying anything sinister- be my guest.

Search my bag, break my possessions and steal from me in the process. Really.

For your curiosity and for the sake of this rant: what was British Airways response? File a complaint with someone else, it’s not our problem. Times like those make me so glad we spent the £15,000 for our two return flights with such a brilliant airline.

Shocking. I know.

The more I travel, the more I grow to really hate certain aspects of it. Airlines can pretty much do anything they want and the customer just has to take whatever they’re given. Take Danny, T’s player manager for example. He had an absolute nightmare coming home from the US Open. Two cancelled flights (one of which he was sat on when they decided to cancel it), a transfer to another part of the country and three days later than originally planned he managed to get back to the UK.

What was he given for the trouble? A $200 gift voucher for the airline. As if you would even want to go near the company again after such a terrible experience.

Or what about the countless times we have gone to check in online and haven’t been able to. FYI, from our experience, when that usually happens it’s because they’ve over booked your flight and you not being able to check in online is no mistake. It’s because when you turn up at the airport they’ve probably bumped you off your flight. That’s nice isn’t it?

This way the airlines can maximise their profit with fuller flights in the hope that some people don’t turn up. They’ve theoretically sold someone’s ticket twice. You couldn’t get away with that at a concert, so why does it happen on airlines?

These frustrating mysteries are part of life when you travel full time, much like working on a Saturday is inevitable when you work in retail. Everyone has bits they hate, and this bit I hate nearly the most (second to rental car queues because almost every holiday traveler would agree that they spawned from the devil himself).

Despite such a crappy end to the week (which started with us missing the cut) overall it wasn’t all doom and gloom. We actually had a really good time and I personally really like Wisconsin. We first travelled there three years ago for the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights, our first ever US event- I think that’s why I’m so fond of the place because it brings back good memories. It’s funny because apart from the golf there isn’t really a lot to do there, mainly its a classic all American state which is famous for its cheddar… and I do love me some cheddar. If you’re ever in Wisconsin, you must try cheese curds, they will change your life! It’s basically fried cheese curds in batter and life doesn’t get much better than fried cheese.

For the duration of the week we rented a home to make our stay more comfortable. It was about 15 minutes away from the course in a really quiet town with only a handful of restaurants. The kind of place where people don’t need to lock their doors at night and there are no fences on the back gardens so all of the children can play together without the parents having to watch over them. A novelty for people who have grown up in the UK.

With T working hard to recover from injury I was sure he would bounce back quick and produce another brilliant result. However, just when you think you can predict how things will go, it throws you a curve ball. We ended up missing the cut by a fair few shots to end our trip earlier than we had wanted. But, after the initial disappointment, excitement always sets in that we will get an extra few days at home, which is a rarity during the summer season. There really is nothing better than your own bed and being able to have home comforts.


On another random off topic I have two things stood out for me as memories I would like to remember for this week;

In America, on the PGA, the toilets around the course aren’t standard portable loos like what we would have in England. There’s no lever which flushes the toilet, its literally a giant hole with a toilet seat decorating a septic tank underneath filled with blue liquid and human waste. To make this more disgusting, usually the tournaments are in 30-35-degree heat so the toilets are sweltering in the sun like greenhouses of festering diseases which men only use unless they have no choice but to poop and women unfortunately have no choice but to brave the grossness for a quick wee.

On the Thursday, the first tournament day, Tyrrells friend popped off to use one of these toilets and in the process managed to drop his phone into one of the holes of death and proceeded to fish it out with his bare hands amongst thousands of people’s human waste. Gag. Gag. GAG!!!!!!


I couldn’t stop laughing and semi trying not to throw up at the same time as he was showing us his dyed blue knuckles and infected phone (which still worked!). I will forever never look at his friend, or the toilets in the same way!!

The other thing I will remember from this week, which is much less gruesome, were the storms. I am an absolute freak when it comes to extreme weather. I love it. Watching Storm chasers with a tub of Ben and Jerrys is my idea of heaven. This is another reason why I love Wisconsin because the weather can change within the click of a finger. One minute the weather was normal as we pulled the car up to pop into Walmart and grab something quick for dinner, the next minute we come to leave and all of a sudden rain is coming sideways at you, there’s hail stones the size of grapes and car alarms are going off in the parking lot. It was awesome!! Afterward it produced one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever had the pleasure to see.

This photo hasn’t been edited at all. How brilliant!

I’ve still got quite a few more posts to catch up with so as always, keep an eye out for new content soon. In the mean time, thank you again for reading and if you’re not already then subscribe using the right hand column to be kept in the loop for when I do upload!

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